The Secret Of My Youthful Looks

My friends always ridiculed me because of the age marks in my skin… I used to look older than I actually was. I could not afford special treatments offered by many body care companies because they were too costly. You might not believe it but the level of ridicule went to such extents that one of my friends told me to bathe in milk. According to him, Cleopartra, the ancient Egyptian queen, renowned for her soft and radiant skin used to depend on goat’s milk to maintain the beauty and softness of her skin. Jokes apart, one of my closest friends told me to purchase human growth hormone (HGH) and try it. He assured me that I could easily regain my youthful looks and burn the excessive fat in my body with the help of this synthetic drug, used by famous personalities and models too to maintain their slim figure and flawless skin. Since I had nothing to lose, I decided to try his suggestion and searched online for sites from which I could buy HGH. The huge number of online shops offering HGH for sale surprised me. If this was not enough, some of them offered HGH pills at highly reduced prices than that by others. There had to be some catch somewhere. I queried my friend about this and he told me that I should avoid purchasing my requirements from stores that were selling HGH pills for ridiculously low prices. According to him, the popularity of this supplement had led to an increase in the number of websites run by shady characters who sold fake stuff that would do me more harm than good.

More suggestions

He suggested that if I wanted the best HGH supplements or pills, I should source my requirements from reputable stores only. They might charge more than the others but the quality of the supplements sold by them were of the highest standard and manufactured in well equipped laboratories containing state of the art equipment and run by professionals who had been in this business for many years. He further explained that the lack of pituitary hormone was also responsible for my stunted growth. According to him, the HGH pills would help me regain my yuthful looks as well as help increase my height. For those who do not know, we all have a pea sized gland located at the base of our brain. This is the pituitary gland and it secretes essential hormones such as:
• HGH (human growth hormone)
• FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)
• TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone)
• Vasopressin
• Oxytoxin

I cannot believe it

A couple of weeks have passed since my friend made those suggestions to me. I had purchased a bottle of the best HGH supplement, and had started taking it. Although I did not notice any significant results during the first few days, my weight reduced magically after a couple of weeks. I had also gained height by a couple of millimeters. I am sure that I will achieve my goal within a couple of months. I suggest the following brands of supplements.
• HGF-1
• HGH-Pro
• Growth Factor-9
• HGH Complete