HGH Is Made By Who?

You have heard and seen the hoopla about HGH on the web, on the news, on television advertisements and in magazines. You have begun to wonder if people have lost their minds talking about this crazy sounding drug that can turn their lives around. It does not seem possible that such a thing can exist. They have heard that it reverses aging and makes a person feel young again and restores sexual vigor. The also heard that it makes a person slim and attractive again. All of this, they wonder, from HGH pills?

They begin to look for places to buy HGH, and they search the web for HGH for sale. They find a number of places on the web that look shady, and some that look very medicinal. They understand very quickly that HGH is a liquid, and there are not true HGH pills.

You will discover that HGH is only for sale by prescription for the treatment of dwarfism in young children who have not completed their long bone growth. It is also used for research. Some athletes buy HGH illegally and use it as a performance enhancing drug. Body builders use it to increase muscle mass and density. So, figuring all that, you know that it works, but you can not buy HGH on the web, unless you take a terrible chance on the black market and the underground drug sites on the web. Frankly, although this dream of the drug sounds wonderful, it simply is not worth the cost or the risk of harm by the wrong drug. For, even if they do send you something after you have paid, which some will not do, you still have the problem of knowing what it is. HGH has to be injected, so there is no such thing as an HGH pill. So, let us ignore the black market and the underground web.

Let us look at reality. There is a way to get HGH. It is there for you, and the HGH is free, in unlimited quantities, actually. Where is it, you wonder.

It is in your body. Your body produces HGH in fairly massive quantities, if you want it to. It used to, back when you were in your teens and early twenties. Now, it has slowed down to the point where there is some, but not a lot of it.

Now we have to find a way to make your pituitary gland in your brain produce HGH for us. That is where it comes from, a small gland in your brain. And we have discovered that we can make your pituitary gland produce massive quantities of this chemical for us, free.

There are supplements available that will make your body produce HGH for you.  What we have to do is find the best HGH supplement. It is there, and all we have to do if figure which one is the best for us. Do the research, read user’s reviews, and check the forums. Then, you will find the best HGH supplements.